EP1 – Sherlock Brolmes – A Scandal in Bohemia

WELCOME to EPISODE ONE of the Sherlock Holmes Podcast by Sherlock Brolmes. WELCOME.

We, Paul and Dan, really are quite big fans of  “SHERLOCK HOLMES”especially the classic Jeremy Brett TV series.

So JOIN US as we delve deep into the first ever episode of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes… Full of deductions, pantomime idiots, Dr Watson endlessly thinking about his tum, the strapping of mares, international scandal, the wonderful Jeremy Brett in “Dear Diary” mode and,  of course, The Woman.


LINK: Sherlock Brolmes Episode 1


TUNE IN NEXT TIME: for Episode Two… Which will be all about the new (Sir) Ian McKellen filum, “Mr. Holmes”. Probably.

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