EP 4 – Sherlock Brolmes – The Abominable Bride

WELCOME to Episode 4 of SHERLOCK BROLMES. And this time it’s CUMBERBATCH…

We, the Brothers Nash, are big fans of  “SHERLOCK HOLMES”especially the classic Jeremy Brett TV series. But we also very much like the modern-day “SHERLOCK”… So we forced ourselves to watch the long-awaited Victorian special repeatedly over the grim first days of 2016. Then we talked about it. A Lot.

So JOIN US as we jump headlong into a hansom cab with Sex Otter Benedict Cumberbatch and Everyman Extraordinaire Martin Freeman, and dash through Victorian London to solve the mystery of THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE.

WARNING: This podcast does contain spoilers. But if you haven’t watched it yet WHAT on God’s green earth are you doing listening to a podcast about Sherlock Holmes?


LINK: Sherlock Brolmes Episode 4


TUNE IN NEXT TIME: for Episode Five… In which we will finally come face-to-face with Sir Ian Sir Ian Sir Ian and his “MR. HOLMES”.

One thought on “EP 4 – Sherlock Brolmes – The Abominable Bride

  1. As an enthusiast of all things Sherlockian, stumbling upon your podcast has been a delight. Really enjoying the hilarious banter and irreverent take on some of my favourite episodes of tv. I’d love to hear more from you guys.


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