EP 4 – Sherlock Brolmes – The Abominable Bride

WELCOME to Episode 4 of SHERLOCK BROLMES. And this time it’s CUMBERBATCH…

We are big fans of  “SHERLOCK HOLMES”especially the classic Jeremy Brett TV series. But we also very much like the modern-day “SHERLOCK”… So we forced ourselves to watch the long-awaited Victorian special repeatedly over the grim first days of 2016. Then we talked about it. A Lot.

So JOIN US as we jump headlong into a hansom cab with Sex Otter Benedict Cumberbatch and Everyman Extraordinaire Martin Freeman, and dash through Victorian London to solve the mystery of THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE.

WARNING: This podcast does contain spoilers. But if you haven’t watched it yet WHAT on God’s green earth are you doing listening to a podcast about Sherlock Holmes?


LINK: Sherlock Brolmes Episode 4


TUNE IN NEXT TIME: for Episode Five… In which we will finally come face-to-face with Sir Ian Sir Ian Sir Ian and his “MR. HOLMES”.

One thought on “EP 4 – Sherlock Brolmes – The Abominable Bride

  1. As an enthusiast of all things Sherlockian, stumbling upon your podcast has been a delight. Really enjoying the hilarious banter and irreverent take on some of my favourite episodes of tv. I’d love to hear more from you guys.


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